Special machines/devices

TISAD develops and builds special machines and fixtures for automation solutions. We are skilled in several fields of experience and provide a wide service spectrum for project-related and client-oriented integrated solutions.

Fields of experience:

  • Assembly facilities,
  • Test benches and test machines,
  • Optical inspection facilities for quality assurance,
  • Loading and handling equipment,
  • Transportation, Storage, Picking and Linking systems,
  • High pressure applications etc.

Versatile processes have been partly or completely automated by the use of our machines :

  • Orienting, aligning, separating, palletizing, stacking, storing,
  • Assembling, mounting,
  • screwing, clenching,
  • grouting, clipping,
  • shrinking, caulking,
  • glueing, dispensing,
  • soldering,
  • bonding,
  • testing, verifying, measuring, monitoring, controlling,
  • abeling, superscribing, marking, etc.

In the past we were able to use and broaden our competences in the following fields:

  • Automotive suppliers industry,
  • Electronic industry and apparatus engineering,
  • Plastic industry,
  • Machine engineering,
  • Wind turbine industry,
  • Semiconductor industry,
  • Universities and Institutes.



Robot aided handling

Pressure sensor test bench

Manipulator for a tomographer

Cooling Section

Automated optical inspection

Leakage test

Lathe unloading machine

Assembly fixture